Some examples of our work.

Many of our projects are B2B and under NDA. We cannot present them on our website.

For more information, please contact us.

tchan zaca artmeta city center


Metaverse Art Universe

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merk building

Merck Virtual Visit

VR visit for futur contruction

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Rittmeyer VR experience

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dorier xr studio

Dorier XR Studio

3D creation and real-time

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kanut products


Kanut products renders

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lacroix design

Lacroix Design

Watch render for Lacroix Design

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Tag Heuer

XR studio packshot

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louis vuitton packshot

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton product packshot

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La Comédie Virtuelle

Virtual Reality Live Show

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Boardgame simulating Switzerland energy management

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pacman ludicious Zurich

Pacman Mapping

Mapping of a custom Pacman game

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Melis & al - baume relief

Melis & al

Melis & al products renders

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Creatures for Game

low poly creatures for tower defense game

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Musical Swing

Musical Swing

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improvisation show with motion capture

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